Emergency hostname alteration

We’re compelled to inform you that we were forced to change the hostnames of our shared servers from *.abstractdns.com to *.layerip.com

We’re currently experiencing significant issues caused by a spontaneous and inadequate behavior of the ProtectedSky spam filtering mechanisms, which unjustly identify all our shared/reseller servers as sources of mass spam sending. Please be informed, that the hostname changing was one of our attempts to rectify the issue at hand promptly.

ProtectedSky is known as blocklist with many false reports, additionally they do not support delisting request. Nevetheless, it still affects SenderBase reputation.

You can help us to solve the issue faster if you contact SenderBase asking to review their policy on how ProtectedSky blocklist can affect SenderBase reputation.

The only change required from your side – in case you use your server hostname as incoming/outgoing mail server in your Email Client, please update it from *.abstractdns.com to *.layerip.com, e.g.:

you use ukss8.abstractdns.com – update it to ukss8.layerip.com.

In case you have any questions/issues – please contact us at HelpDesk.

Your patience and understanding are highly appreciated.