– MySQL service maintenance

We’re compelled to inform you that we’re currently experiencing significant problems with the MySQL service on the server. A group of our technicians has been dispatched to deal with the problem at hand.

Estimated Service Restoration:  Unfortunately, no ETA can be currently provided. We will update you as soon as any new information is available. Please check for the updates in the comments of this post.

We apologize for any inconvenience this may be causing you or your company. Your patience and understanding are highly appreciated.

3 Responses

  1. JoltCoUk Status Blog Admin says:

    We’re currently working on the restoration of all databases from the backups at our disposal. Overall progress: 15%

  2. JoltCoUk Status Blog Admin says:

    We’re pleased to inform you that the restoration from the backups has been terminated because we found more graceful workaround, which guarantees that all your actual data will remain intact.

  3. JoltCoUk Status Blog Admin says:

    We’re glad to inform you of the complete MySQL service recovery. We completely understand an adverse affect on your businesses credibility and would like to convey our most sincere apologies for this.

    The vast majority of our customers consider hosting services to be ultra-reliable, however force majeure situations happen sometimes and this case was quite a non-trivial one, that’s why it took us along time to clear it up.

    During the recent update procedure we noticed that the MySQL service behaved in an unwanted manner and that the root “mysql” database got corrupted, which significantly complicated this problem elimination. We had to re-create its initial structure from scratch, recover user grants and reinstate corrupted InnoDB databases functionality. Your patience and understanding are greatly appreciated.