– PHP Selector issue

We need to inform you that we’re currently experiencing temporary technical issues with the PHP Selector mechanism on the server¬† The problem at hand is caused by the recent cPanel update, which resulted in the PHP Selector component corruption.

A group of our technicians is currently working on this issue elimination.

Unfortunately, no ETA can be provided at the very moment, so please keep an eye on the posts in this thread, we will keep you informed of all major milestones here.

We would also like to convey our most sincere apologies for all the inconveniences you’re indubitably experiencing.

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  1. JoltCoUk Status Blog Admin says:

    We’re pleased to inform you that the issue at hand has been rectified. However, we’re still monitoring server performance and will keep this post opened for some time. If you notice anything strange in your web-sites’ behavior, please do not hesitate to contact us either in the LiveChat or via a support ticket.

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